What We Do


iGaming Affiliates

We create iGaming affiliates with a focus on India. A rapidly developing economy with over 700 million internet users, India is already one of the fastest growing markets in the industry. We have a network of affiliates encompassing the verticals - sports, casino games and reviews, individual sports and crash games.

iGaming Media-Buying

Our data led approach allows us to maximise performances for iGaming and Forex campaigns in India. We deliver millions of daily impressions through web and mobile campaigns collaborating with over 100 local publishers.

iGaming SEO services

In the competitive world of digital marketing, Mediarun Digital specialises in the niche of iGaming links for online casinos and sportsbooks. Our options for backlinks are one of the best in the country.
about us


Mediarun Digital is performance marketing agency with a focus on the Indian iGaming market with three main functions: affiliates, media-buying and SEO services. Founded in 2020, our operations are predominantly focused on the Indian market with Mediarun Digital acting as a gateway for brands coming into the country. We have a seasoned team based out of our offices in England and India. Reach out to us on info[@]mediarun.co.in to get in touch to book a meeting.

Our Projects


We create magic by focusing on what we are great at – India. Our team has a deep-rooted understanding of market and understands the importance of localisation and relationships.

Effective localisation goes beyond language. At Mediarun Digital, we emphasize contextual relevance based on various geographies. We understand local user needs and intent, using tailored campaigns to meet their specific requirements effectively.

Relationships are the cornerstone at Mediarun. We believe in strong, long-term relationships are key to sustained success. Our approach is based on trust, open communication and mutual benefit.

Work With us

Our foundation is based on collaboration and creating magic in our businesses. We are always looking to work new partners and help them get into domestic markets of the upcoming markets.