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Language Localisation

To get further into the domestic markets we localise our products in the vernacular to make iGaming accessible to everyone.

Product Localisation

To increase the reach of operators and other brands in the industry, we help them localise their product through effective usage of social media and search engines.


We only take on operators that are fair to players. We make sure that the players actually do know how to play the game in a way that is best for them and we give them our actual thoughts.
about us


Mediarun Digital is a UK based performance marketing company that builds and operates a series of unique sites that caters to the global gambling industry. With key brands created for the players and by players, we curate content focused towards the Indian market targeting players that are keen to learn about different types of wager based gaming. The focus of the company is to build brands for the Indian market with the aim of making iGaming more accessible and safer for the Indian players. Along with that we also help content companies, platforms and operators position themselves for the market and cater to player needs. We also help them establish them as brands and increase their domestic presence.

Our Projects


We create magic in our brands in business by focusing on what we are great at - upcoming markets such as India. With a team that has a deep-rooted understanding of players from upcoming markets, we specialize in knowing what players want. At Mediarun we have websites from different verticals of the iGaming industry and strive to create excellent partnership with them and performing marketing services by providing our partners fantastic traffic. We want to make sure that the players are protected and are given the right information before choosing a site to play.


The team delivers excellence in content performance marketing with a plan of making sure that brands get the maximum exposure to their audience and also reach those who they did not intend to. Just like our culture of setting new and higher standards, we aim to do the same with our businesses and make our partners expect the unexpected. We are driven by goals but our desire is to absolutely smash them and break the glass ceiling for ourselves and others. We are young, hungry and driven for excellence.


Our vision is to be the number one platform for iGaming by delivering excellence to our partners in the form of player acquisition and making iGaming more accessible to users. We are not shy of who we intend to be in the near future or what we want out of what we do.


Mediarun Digital aspires to create a safe space for online gamblers and provide them the best content that they need to play the right way. Player safety is one of our priorities, we want always want to make sure that players are treated right and know exactly what they are getting into.
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Work With us

Our foundation is based on collaboration and creating magic in our businesses. We are always looking to work new partners and help them get into domestic markets of the upcoming markets.